Gochujang Oh Na Mi

Gochujang - what flavor does it have?

By Alex Boyce

Gochujang, much like Kimchi, is a must-have in almost any Korean kitchen. This popular Korean fermented paste, made from red chili peppers, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, sugar and salt, has a unique and complex flavor profile. The flavor of gochujang is a harmonious balance of various taste elements, making it both spicy and savory with underlying sweetness. Here's a breakdown of its flavor:


The red chili peppers give Gochujang spicy notes that will vary depending on the recipe, but generally provides a moderate to medium level of heat to dishes.

Savory Umami:

The fermented soybeans contribute a rich umami flavor to Gochujang that enhances the overall taste and depth of the condiment, making it a great addition to savory dishes.
Sweetness: Gochujang often contains sweeteners like sugar that balance out the spiciness and provide a pleasant contrast that rounds out the flavor.

Fermented Notes:

The fermentation process gives Gochujang a slightly tangy and earthy undertone, contributing to the complexity of the flavor and adding depth to the overall taste.

Garlicky and Earthy:

Some Gochujang varieties may have hints of garlic and earthiness, adding more layers to the overall flavor profile.

Subtle Fruity and Nutty Undertones:

In some cases, you might detect subtle fruity and nutty undertones, which can be attributed to the combination of ingredients like red chili peppers and fermented soybeans.


Gochujang's flavor is not only about heat; it offers a versatile taste that can be incorporated into a wide range of dishes. It can be used as a marinade, sauce, or flavor enhancer in a variety of dishes, both traditional Korean & fusion.


How does Oh Na Mi Gochujang compare to the general notes on Gochujang?

Our gochujang has a bit more fermented soy. We use more glucose, which has a syrup-like consistency, but is less sweet than other sugars. We also add honey to complete the sweetness. While still on the sweet side, you’ll find that our gochujang is slightly less sweet than most.

We combine both dark and light fermented soy. The darker brown soy is very complex in flavor due to its full ripeness. It gives the cherry or dried fruit flavors along with notes of dark chocolate. I wanted to balance the flavors with the simplicity of a less ripened soy. We’ve aged the gochujang for at least 1 month. The flavor can develop complexity with age, even past the sell by dates. But of course, we’ll leave this part up to you!

Oh Na Mi Gochujang is mildly spicy. So you can use a lot of it to flavor your dishes without overdoing the spiciness.

And finally, we add fermented garlic to add another element of umami flavor. During fermentation, the garlic becomes more complex and even brings in a smokey note to the gochujang.

Explore our recipes to see how you can start cooking up Korean dishes with our Oh Na Mi Gochujang.

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